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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Pimp My (1970s) Ride UK

I would imagine that car customisation began shortly after the invention of motoring itself, certainly it was popular between the wars with the advent of the hot rod, cars modified to get them to look better and go faster. The TV programme Pimp My Ride transferred this to the small screen in 2008 and spawned versions around the world, including the UK.

This little selection came from a series that appeared in the magazine Popular Motoring during the early 1970s, a bundle of which I have recently acquired.

A cheaper option is just to spray on some cool colours, even your old Austin Devon apparently......

Ford Populars are popular...........


  1. I enjoyed these very much, being an avid reader of car mags like these in my teens. At the time, conversions such as these seemed the last word...I suspect they would all be easily overtaken by a family saloon these days and the specifications would be very basic to our present-day eyes! Great fun though, thanks for putting these up! (I wonder if any of the cars noted still exist?)

  2. I have just fed the registration details of those cars into the DVLA data-base and are now long-gone, no doubt all for scrap. That said, I have found a 1963 advert for Gilbern Cars and the one illustrated, 343 FAX, is still licensed. Oh, and I hope you like Bobo White and the E-Type......