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The aim of Vintage Stuff is to display some of the ephemera that I have collected, often inadvertently, over the years. I am now deliberately seeking out interesting old adverts, screen shots, leaflets, obscure record covers, picture postcards and illustrations; anything that catches my eye, in fact. They will be mainly, but not exclusively of UK origin (so many vintage blogs appear to be American) and almost always a scan from something that I actually have in my collection, rather than off the net. If you do re-blog, please acknowledge the source. Further stuff, mainly photographs, can be found on my Flickr pages, via the Benny Hill record cover.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

London Girls

The 1983 single London Girls, by the ever excellent Chas & Dave, bought this morning in charity shop for just 10p. Worth it for the cover alone..........

Don't fancy yours much..........


  1. 1983 is vintage already? ...Oh gosh! I'm vintage!

  2. Hello Sabrina; I tend to use the 25 year rule, so that 1988 or earlier is fine (at the moment)....... Mind you, if you reckon that you are now vintage, I must be antique!