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The aim of Vintage Stuff is to display some of the ephemera that I have collected, often inadvertently, over the years. I am now deliberately seeking out interesting old adverts, screen shots, leaflets, obscure record covers, picture postcards and illustrations; anything that catches my eye, in fact. They will be mainly, but not exclusively of UK origin (so many vintage blogs appear to be American) and almost always a scan from something that I actually have in my collection, rather than off the net. If you do re-blog, please acknowledge the source. Further stuff, mainly photographs, can be found on my Flickr pages, via the Benny Hill record cover.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Cutaways by Fisher

I used to love seeing these cutaway drawings as a youngster; they would appear in 'boys books', showing the inner workings of machines such as a steam engine, an ocean liner or hovercraft. The Eagle comic famously spread one across it's middle pages each week.

I came across loads in a book titled Britain's Wonderful Fighting Forces, published early in the war in 1940, the British war machine apparently explained in 400 pages. These are a few representatives of those aircraft flown by Britain, France and Germany during the early months of war, expertly drawn by J Walkden Fisher, who later did some of those that appeared in colour in the Eagle.I love his distinctive signature, fashioned into the form of a fish.


  1. I remember these with great affection...I used to pore over the ones in the Eagle as a boy. It inspired me to find my copies of the locomotive cutaways, thus wasting another half hour when I should have been working! Thanks for a great post...well, they all are, the blog continues to be highly interesting and entertaining.

  2. Hello Iain, thanks for your comment. Sorry for keeping you from your work; I am sorting out another batch of pin-ups, shall I put them on hold for a while?!

  3. Definitely not! Please carry on with the onerous task of sorting pin-ups! Really enjoying your blog, Kevin, even if I don't always comment.